Tuesday pick: Paper Pleat Lamp 1:8

29 July, 2014


When I go on vacation I always start planning for redecoration or other renewing of my home. This year I really don’t need any large changes but this beautiful lamp makes my fingers itch and I want to press the “Add to cart” button. It’s so cool yet so simple! Well I am a sucker for paper and lamps so this is the perfect combination! It’s designed by the duo Tb&Ajkay and comes in two different version, this one on the picture above Paper Pleat Lamp 1:8 and Paper Pleat Lamp 1:16. The difference is the amount of folds. They are both pretty awesome!

Thieves on a fishing expedition

28 July, 2014

guestblogger_anna_siivonenThis spring I got a peek behind the curtains of how a company producing knock-offs operate. Here goes:

You are a factory with a big capacity working in a faraway place where laws and regulations are having a hard time reaching you, you have a site on Alibaba. Alibaba is like e-bay for manufacturers looking for wholesale orders. There are loads of companies on Alibaba fishing for customers. The more items you have the likelier it is that customers will find you. But it takes a lot of time to come up with ideas, manufacture a design and take pictures of it. So instead you stock up by stealing pictures of designs you could manufacture. This way you can fill your on line shop with hundreds of items in a few days. You save yourself the time of coming up with the idea for a design, making one and taking pictures of it.


Just a few of my designs that the Chinese company hijacked.

If you do get an order for a design you have stolen you make a copy as close to it as you can, then you take your own pictures of it and list in your online shop. If a designer finds out and confronts you, why fuss about it, just take the designs down straight away, there are loads of other designers to steal from (you have already prepared for this unlikely event by tagging all items with the designers name so you can keep track of which ones are stolen from whom). Of course you don’t bother to remove the designs you have already manufactured and taken your own photos of. You can just say that the likeness is a coincidence, it is near impossible for the designer to prove that they came up with it first.

image (1)

My Basset ring and their knock-off

So what do you do as a designer? I don´t really know. This is what I did. First when I found out I e-mailed the company and they replied ”sorry our staff made a mistake” but they did not remove the item. Then I tried to start a copyright infringement claim with Alibaba to get them to help me against the company. After e-mailing back and forth with them for a couple weeks nothing had happened. As someone told me ”they are a Chinese company and they will always side with the other Chinese, you are not even their customer”. Then just before I was about to give up I tried to blow off some steam by e-mailing the company about every design of mine on their site I could find. After seven e-mails they started to take listings down and the other items of mine I found turned to broken links. That’s how I deducted that they must have marked all designs stolen from me with my name. Then I found the copy they had made of my basset ring. That one is still on their site. I´m not going to spend any more valuable time fighting them. I´m going to listen to Leonardo and get back on spending my time doing my thing.

Life is pretty simple: You do some stuff. Most fails. Some works. You do more of what works. If it works big, others quickly copy it. Then you do something else. The trick is the doing something else.

–Leonardo da Vinci


An unexpected collaboration

26 July, 2014


A few weeks back my apartment was up for sale and the real estate agent Våningen & Villan offered a free session with stylists from C/O Home here in Malmö. I met Peter and Annika who runs the store and something unexpected and exciting happened. In addition to spicing up my apartment to help the sale they also wanted to buy some of my art to use for other styling assignments. Since then I have delivered even more prints to C/O Home and I am so excited to see where this collaborations might lead! Below are pictures from Våningen & Villan´s blog with my poster “Fallen Star”.


A summer wreath!

23 July, 2014


All the beautiful summer flowers are so inspiring! Today I’m going to show you how a summer stroll resulted in a new print!


I always have a camera with me, you’ll never know when you see something inspiring or beautiful. It’s not difficult nowadays when there’s a good camera in your phone. The inspiration to draw a summer wreath came one day when I was taking a stroll in my parents’ garden and I found the most beautiful roses! That evening when I was horseback riding I saw the most beautiful lupines. I couldn’t erase these beautiful flowers from my head and knew that I wanted to draw a summer wreath made of lupines and roses.



At first I made a rough sketch from my memory of the flowers and my pictures. I want to have the rough layout of the picture before I start with the details.


When the sketch is done I’ll draw a new one with the light box correcting unclear lines and adding some more details.




The picture is starting to look nice and I’m tracing the picture again but now with ink. I’m also splitting the picture in half to making it easier to get the layout right in Photoshop later. When I’m done I scan the finished drawing and correcting the levels a bit in Photoshop.


Now the lupin and rose wreath is finished. I choose to keep it black and white so you can colour it yourself and give the roses and lupines your own favourite colour!

Take a look in my shop, the summer wreath is soon ready to move to a new home!


If you like what you’ve seen, please take a look at my website. You can buy the poster here.

All that glitters is not gold

21 July, 2014


No it ain’t – but spot on trend it is with golden metal tones! Jewelry bling and hot interior design items – ideally enjoyed with the company of a bubbly colourmatched beverage. Enjoy!

/Glimmering thoughts from erika tubbin


Products from top left:

Chandelier by designer Hans Agne Jakobsson (1919-2009) – you may find similar lamps on the (Swedish) auction sites like Bukowskis market. Poster Guldgren - Wallmark FormstudioTangle earrings pin brasserika tubbinKugg bracelet in adjustable size – JohannaN. Lovely affordable drips of gold, exclusive bubbly for special occasions and ofcourse a pure non alcoholic joy. Poster Always ChampagneLucky Me Studios.


Dishcloth in pink and yellowerika tubbinSconces by designer Pierre Forsell, Skultuna. Bracelet Blacknwhite melange brasserika tubbinTribus Gold plastic rug - Lina JohanssonVotives Kin by Claesson Koivisto Rune for Skultuna.


The artists ego

19 July, 2014


Many artists create while they are on their own, feeling inspired and having some time for themselves to let the energies out of the mind. For me it’s like that at least. It’s such a boost to know that other people like what I do, so much that they even want to put it on their own walls. Of course: the interpretation is in the eye of the beholder – what suits their situation in life best. Probably not the same thoughts as I had when I made it.

The common denominator is that it manifests feelings and communicates without words. Like a top you buy or music you listen to. Or like this photography:



Eva Levin: Behind the scenes

16 July, 2014



Taking the morning out picking summer flowers for pictures of the vases Consilium with a more summer feeling that I hope to capture. My friend Anna has been kind to lend me her new tables but which to choose the blue or the black?


Today I have 560 corks that I need to drill holes in, so I’m spending the whole day at Ornahusen carpentry one of my absolute favorite places to be.


I took this picture at the factory of the moulds of the new size vase. One size larger for the plants and flowers that need a wider tube. So many  people has asked me to do one wider size and soon it’s here at least the mould is. In the background you can also see a glance of my new bubble bottle that shall have an over dimensional cork. Keeping my fingers crossed it will look absolutely fabulous when finished.

See more of my products in my store at Nordic Design Collective.