Artyfact gallery in exciting collaboration

26 March, 2015


Artyfact Gallery has been a part of Nordic Design Collective for a couple of months now, and it is always so exciting to see their work when they add new products to our site. With their popart- and streetstyle-inspired style they add a special flavour to our collections.

A while back Cecilia Björk, one half of the designduo, told me about a very special collaboration that was coming up. It was all very secret, but now it is official that they are doing a poster for Ikea! It will be released any day now and I’m so curious to see it! In the meantime, read this great interview with Cecilia (in swedish) and check out their other artwork, already available for purchase here at Nordic Design Collective.



From top left: Lounge Poul Kjaerholm (also part of our Calendar 2015), PH Lampen, Pop Life and Warrior.

Presenting: Noomi Spange

25 March, 2015


A few weeks back, Noomi Spange joined Nordic Design Collective, and we are very happy to have such a talented pattern designer with us. The products in her own brand are mostly textile – and just how beautiful isn’t that scarf!? Such a lovely and soft quality of the fabric as well.

Learn more about her background and story below.


Tell us about your background!
For as long as I can remember I’ve been creative. As a little girl I built houses of cardboard for our dogs as well as painting pictures standing in the garden with my easel and favorite brushes.

In highschool at the department of art in my hometown Falun I tried screen printing for the first time, and fell in love! Patterns, textile and wallpaper have been in my heart ever since.

A few years later I moved to Gothenburg and started studying design at HDK (the university of design and crafts) at University of Gothenburg. It’s soon to be two years since I took my bachelor degree and since then I’ve been working as a freelance designer. Besides having my own brand, I currently work as a wallpaper designer at Eco Wallpaper in Borås, Sweden.

What inspires you to create?
Everything around me inspires me to create and I am always gathering inspiration for future projects. Books of all forms (as long as they’re full of pictures) and pieces of art and design history. But foremost it’s the small things of my everyday life that inspires me. It could be a beautiful color combination of various things in a trash bin at work, the beautiful small lichens on a stone or the bark of a tree. I also really enjoy looking at microscopic pictures for inspiration, it’s like getting a glimpse of another world!

Do you have a dream project?
Maybe not a dream project, rather a lifelong dream. To some day move back to Dalarna and start up a small textile printing studio. Making handprinted textiles with inspiration from Swedish folk culture but with a contemporary approach. To cooperate with young and exiting new designers and create beautiful textiles!


Trend: Geometric

21 March, 2015


Diamonds, hexagons and harlequin patterns – geometric shapes are a strong trend right now. Add some black, white and light turqouise  and you are all set for spring.


These photos are from our recent issue of our online magazine Nordic Living, and all products – and more fitting the same trend – are available in our store.




Styling and photo: Maria Richardsson


Friday favourite: signs of spring

20 March, 2015


Following the Facebook- and Instagramfeed from Morocco tells me that spring is arriving in Sweden. And I have to admit that I do miss it a little bit (especially as it is raining outside our windows today).

This beautiful print from Anna Handell Montage is called Floral, and it is part of her new Paradise-collection, inspired by the beauty of nature. A bit of instant spring to hang on your wall! The print is in a limited edition, so hurry to order yours before it runs out.

Meet the designer: Havsglas Sverige

17 March, 2015


It is a cold day in the end of February, when I get in the car to go and meet the designer behind the brand Havsglas Sverige. Maria Meissner Berg lives with her family just outside of Ystad on the south coast of Sweden, and she just had a smash hit with her new product, the hanging vase called The Catch.


She moved to this area with her husband about 12 years ago, and instantly became fascinated by the ocean, the long beaches and the pieces of glass she found there. “I grew up in Småland, a bit north of here where there is a lot of forest. I completely fell in love with the open spaces and the ocean when we first came here, and we quickly decided to move here” she tells us. “On our walks on the beach I found these small pieces of sea glass, made all smooth and beautiful by the ocean. I started to collect them back then but it was only a few years ago that I started to create my jewellery based on them”.


Maria does not have the usual background as a designer. She studied archeology for a couple of years and worked as a teacher up until five years ago. “I loved teaching and working with the kids, but as a teacher I didn’t have any control over my own situation and working conditions. It drove me crazy and finally I just quit my job.


At the time, I was on maternaty leave with my youngest boy, and I didn’t have a proper plan for what I wanted to do, but I knew that if I didn’t take the leap then, I would never do it”. With no role models in the business world, her view of a business owner was a yuppie man in a suit, but she started to create her own jobs that suited her needs and interests. “I’ve been working a lot in museums, as a guide and especially with groups of children visiting the museums. As it has been quite small museums, I’ve also worked in the stores and been responsible for building new exhibitions. I really like it, but now I think it is time to focus more on my design business.”

Havsglas (sea glass in Swedish) is now her main focus, and it is important for her to only work with sea glass found by her, on the beaches from southern Sweden and with no other treatment than a good rinse after she picks it. When picking the glass she is also cleaning the beach from trash from the ocean, and she is supporting the World Wildlife Foundation and their project for cleaner oceans. “The ocean and the traditional fishermen that lives from the ocean is the foundation of my brand” she explains. “Even though not all of my products are picked from the sea, they still have a connection. Like the hanging vase, that is tied by hand in the same way as old fishermen used to tie nets and floats.”


The hanging vase was a smash hit at this years Formex fair, and Maria hasn’t really gotten over the shock yet. “I was really not prepared for all the attention! It was my second year at Formex, but the first time in the Young Designers area and I added the vase just a few days before we went to the fair.” Already during the first day, a lot of journalists, trendsetters and bloggers gave her a lot of attention and praise, and she had so many orders that she is know tying vases more or less around the clock. “I’m doing it all myself, and by hand. It is very important to me to keep doing that, both to ensure the quality but also to keep my indepence. After all, that is why I started my business, to be in charge of my own time and being able to make all decisions on my own.”

After her recent success, she is very restricted on where her products are on sale. “I’ve been saying no to many different kinds of stores, both retail and online. I’m really picky, but I love being part of Nordic Design Collective! It is a great setting for my products but it also gives me a network of other designers and business owners that I can ask questions and share my experiences with” Maria explains.

She is not only tying hanging vases at the moment, but also working on follow up products. The first one is a wall decoration made from smaller pieces of sea glass. “This is such an exciting time for me and my business! I have no idea where this is going to take me, but I look forward to finding out” she says with a big smile. And so are we! I’m convinced that Maria will continue to develop her business and come up with more great products connected to the ocean. After all, when having an “office at the beach” there is no end to the inspiration.


Check out Havsglas Sverige at Nordic Design Collective.

This interview was first published in our online magazine Nordic Living (issue 15-03). Text and photo: Maria Richardsson


Friday favourite for the crisp spring winds

13 March, 2015



Even though we’re still in Morocco, we’re getting updates from Sweden about the first signs of spring. On those sunny spring days, the air is just amazingly crisp and you start to look for your lighter jackets. And this scarf would be the perfect addition! Lindstam is a beautiful pattern from our new designer Noomi Spange (also available in grey), and the soft material in the fabric is just perfect for spring!

The new issue of our magazine is released!

12 March, 2015


It is about time to get some more spring inspiration going! The new issue of our magazine is now released, and we are taking a closer look at the Geometric trend. We’ve also been to see Maria from designer Havsglas Sverige, and she brought us to the beach to show us her “office”.

But that’s not all of course. But to get to the other trends and interviews, you have to sign up for the magazine here. If you already did that, the magazine was delivered to your inbox earlier today!

Hope you enjoy it!

Proud to be one of Topp 100!


The other day I got the news that Nordic Design Collective is part of the Topp 100-list from magazine! The list ranks the 100 best sites in Sweden in different categories, and we are among the 10 sites mentioned in the e-commerce category, alongside giants like Nelly, Ellos and Sportamore. The overall winner and the e-commerce winner will be revealed on March 24.

As you might guess, we are so very proud! I think this is a sign that the interest of shopping in a different way – with more unique, personal products that has a story – is still growing, and I’m so happy to be able to support all of our designers in growing their businesses this way.

Presenting: Lagnöviken

9 March, 2015


Lagnöviken is a new brand at Nordic Design Collective, and it is run by Mia Ekström. Let’s get to know her a little better!


Tell us about your background!
After graduating high school in 1998 I studied webbdesign, and continued with studies in economics. I took my Master’s degree at Södertörns högskola, and my knowledge in economics has been a great foundation for my entrepreneurship. When my oldest son was about a year old, in 2009, I started to look for a personal jewellery but didn’t find any I liked. Instead I created my own, and this was the start of my design career. I continued with the plexi jewellery business on the side while working with economy, but after my latest maternity leave I finally had the opportunity to focus on my creative side. During 2014, I started to design and make candlesticks in copper and other great materials. I love working with copper, it is a wonderful material and the possibilities are endless.

What inspires you?
My great inspiration is my home in the beautiful city of Trosa in the archipealgo. This is where I find my joy and creativity, and I have my studio and workshop in my home. I’ve always had a great interest in design, colour and form, which makes the surroundings very inspiring to me. Every morning I look out over the ocean, and the view is different each day. To see all the changes in the seasons really gets my creativity going.

Do you have a dream project?
Today I’m right where I’ve had a dream to be for a long time. It is time for me to take the leap, quit my day job and focus on my design business. I will combine my design with consulting within economics, the perfect balance and with my goal being to develop both areas. I have several lovely design projects I’m just about to start and the big dream is to become an established designer. 

See the full collection from Lagnöviken in our store.

Coming soon: next issue of our online magazine!

7 March, 2015


As spring is getting closer, it is time to release a new issue of our online magazine, don’t you think? Behind the scenes we are sweating away on getting the final details done, but it will be released very soon…

If you’re not already on our subscription list for the magazine, please sign up here to get it delivered straight to your inbox once it is released.