Tuesday pick: Candel 1.0

21 October, 2014


It’s autumn and the evenings are getting darker and darker. On sunday it’s winter time and we set the clock back one hour. Which means slightly lighter evenings, but not for long! That sound so depressing but there are ways to make the darkness cozy! One way to cheer up the darkness is to put some light indoors. The cool and flexible Candle 1.0 by Maria Axelqvist is a perfect candelstick for autumn evenings! You can place it as it is on the table or attach it on table edges or shelves. Candel 1.0 is for tealights, if you prefer real candles check out Candel 2.0! Do you want to see them live? Pop by our popup store in Nacka Forum, Stockholm.



Our designers in the press

19 October, 2014


The last week or so, it has not only been products from our designers that has been featured in the press. The designers themself are getting more attention as well, which of course makes me happy. cathy-öp

In the local magazine ÖP (Östersundsposten), Cathy Dillner from Smadi Design was interviewed about her design business.


The local magazine NackaVärmdö Posten from outside of Stockholm had an interview with Christina Heitmann. As this is the local magazine in the area of our popup store, it was quite obvious that the readers liked her prints – just the day after publishing we had several customers in the store asking for her amazing work.

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 14.33.30

And finally, Anna Handell was featured in the Metro Living magazine for the area of Skåne (read it online here, her interview can be found on pages 12-15). So much fun to get a glimpse from her house!

Friday favourite: Gradient throw – for cold autumn days

17 October, 2014

Last week, we got a bunch of products from the talented Simon Key Bertman delivered to our store. Among them were this beautiful wool throw/blanket in a gradient grey scale.

gradient-plad2 It is handwoven in 4 colors combined in 13 mixings together, that forms a gradient over the throw in a abstract form of 169 boxes.gradient-plad1


So beautiful! And perfect for the cooler autumn weather… Order your own Gradient Throw heregradient-plad3


Congratulations Susanna Sivonen!

16 October, 2014


I am always so very happy and proud to hear about the successes of the designers we work with. Recently, I learned that Susanna Sivonen has been selected as one of five designers for an exclusive collaboration with the well-known Finnish brand Aarikka for their 60 year anniversary. This is great news, big congratulations to you Susanna!

If I’m Google-translating the press release correctly, there will also be an exhibition to celebrate in Design Forum Finland in Helsinki. The exhibition is open for the public from October 30 to November 16. If you’re in Helsinki during that time, you really should take a look!

But for us stuck in Stockholm (or elsewhere) we just have to enjoy the work of Susanna Sivonen online instead.


Presenting: Christina Heitmann Illustration och Design


We love cool illustrations and one of our most recent designers Christina Heitmann sure knows how to make an illustration spin off your imagination. She has been illustrating for several years and now you can find her awesome motifs at our site.


Tell us about your background!
My name is Christina Heitmann and I work as an illustrator based in Stockholm. As a child I often sat with pen and paper and created my own endless worlds and stories. Still, I am driven to create worlds that exist only in the imagination. I think the charm and strength of illustrating is that you are able to create things that can’t be captured with a camera. I have 14 years of experience working with illustrations for magazines, books, brochures, web, event, fashion and advertising campaigns.

Today I divide my time between illustration commissions and self-initiated work, and I have my sights set on designing beautiful and clever products for the home. I think I have the best job ever! I am grateful and feel truly humbled that I have the opportunity to work with what I love and where my heart is.

Where do you find your inspiration?
I get inspired by a lot of things in my everyday life. I live and work in the Stockholm archipelago, surrounded by the sea, cliffs and forest, and I often seek to nature when I need inspiration. Nature is a treasure and an endless source of inspiration. I also love visiting Berlin to enjoy the the creative vibe that’s always in the air. Berlin is dirty and frayed at the edges and it’s somewhere in the imperfect that I find a tremendous urge to create.

My children are a great inspiration. It’s exciting to see how a small child sees, feel and discover things for the first time. That’s the way I want to feel when I create my images. Trying to find that mood where everything is exciting, new, and very funny.

Do you have any dream projects?
I would love to work with three-dimensional illustration for a theatre scenography or for a window display at a nice store.Another dream project is to animate my illustrations and make them come alive!

Welcome Christina Heitmann Illustration och Design! Find all of her products at Nordic Design Collective

Report from the Hem & Villa fair

15 October, 2014


Phew. We’ve had a few intense weeks. So it is about time to share some photos from the Hem & Villa fair last weekend. So hold on to your hats – here we go!

Our exhibition this year, was made out of two parts. One of them was the Popup Store Concept, bringing a bunch of different products to the fair, from posters and cushion covers to trays and scented candles.



Lots of posters! We also had the company of the DIY Luciatåg (below). A little bit early, since this is a December-tradition, but still very popular.


The second part of our exhibition highlighted our designers and the work they do. There is so much talent, skill and dedication involved and we wanted to put the designer center stage.


We were showing a number of photos from our designers workshops and with our designers in action, and we even got to borrow a few of their equipment for the visitors to see.

And – best of all – we had a couple of them with us during the weekend! We had one designer each day, sitting in the exhibition working on their products in different ways! This was so much fun, and the visitors really enjoyed getting to see the work behind the products – and they were amazed at the skill of our designers…


The first one out was Anna Siivonen, working on her silver clay jewellery. They’re so delicate and detailed, I am so impressed with her! Below is the Basset ring in the making.

The next day, we had the lovely Nadja Wedin with us, working on new colourful patterns. It is so amazing to see her in action, creating her wonderful patterns all by hand.


There were always a lot of people stopping by to see her work, just as amazed as I am by the beautiful and detailed patterns.


On the third day, we had Tyr from this is just to say with us. Yet again, it is almost hard to grasp that her work is done all by hand. Working with lino-printing, she carved a brand new pattern during the day (which is not ready for sale just yet). In our Instagram-account, we did a short video of her carving.


For our final day, we had the lovely Tovelisa with us. She was working on a new and kind of secret project, but it looked very promising, I can tell you that…
hem-och-villa-low-18 Thanks all four of you for sharing your work behind the scenes with us!


Finally, three of our designers were featured in one of the trend exhibitions. Postcards from jollygoodfellow, Dan Isaac Wallin and Yrva were on the wall in the Forest 2.0 exhibition!

So, you can see we had a great Hem & Villa fair! Thanks to all of you who came to visit us!

Tuesday pick: New pet, mini print

14 October, 2014


Anna Siivonen sculpts her cool jewelry in clay, fire it and then molds it into metal. There is quite a bit of work behind all of her jewelry. If you visited  the Hem&Villa fair last weekend you could see her sculpt in our monter. Now she has launched really cool new prints in collaboration with her daughter! Anna’s jewelry in a mix with her daughters sketches creates these fun and imaginary prints. Like this one, New pet. I just love it!

Sköna Hem, Härlig hemma, Hemma med Ernst, Leva & Bo, Nordic Design and more

12 October, 2014


Time to do a quick press round to see whats been featured in the last couple of weeks. In the latest issue of Härligt Hemma, we could see the lovely Fox Illustration by Yrva, and in Sköna Hem the so very popular Consilium vases by Eva Levin was featured.


A week or so ago, the weekly magazine Leva & Bo featured the Be Wild print from Matilda SvenssonScreen Shot 2014-10-12 at 13.41.55


It seems the Hemma med Ernst-blog fell for the new jewellery from Havsglas Sverige and did a post on them.


In the latest issue of Hus & Hem, we found both the Aa print from How Are You and the Cat Duo Rug from Camilla Eltell.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 13.55.53And finally we’ve been featured in the Shop Directory over at Nordic Design – the lovely canadian blog on, well, Nordic design. So proud and happy to be among her favourite stores!


Presenting: Artyfact Gallery

7 October, 2014


One of our most recent designers are Cecilia and Patrick Björk the couple behind Artyfact Gallery. They are both artist with different backgrounds and their work is PopArt inspired. They sell posters, reproductions of mixed media canvases made of acrylics, spray color and collages of vintage magazines and wallpapers with famous people like Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix and Danish furniture designers.



TelL us about your background!
Artyfact Gallery is a product of the fantasy, hard work, wild ambitions and true love of two swedish artist Patrick and Cecilia Björk. We have been active artist for several of years and are based in Ängeholm in the southern part of Sweden. Cecilia got her PHD in Art&Fashion design by the University of the Arts-London College of fashion. For many years Cecilia was active in the fashion scene of London. Patrick is a self learned artist and entrepreneur. Meanwhile Cecilia was gluing feathers onto the artist Björk’s iconic swan dress (that she wore on The Academy Awards in 2001) in the west of London, Patrick was growing up to become an artist obsessed with danish furniture designers.

Where do you find your inspiration?
We are both PopArt junkies. Our work is inspired by everything from street art to well used billboards, things that aren’t perfect.

Do you have any dream projects?
We have a lot of dream projects and one of them is to do a permanent installation at Wanås. We love the exhibitions of Wanås. Walking around in their park on a hot summerday makes us feel like Alice in Wonderland.

Welcome Artyfact Gallery! Find all of their products at Nordic Design Collective