Friday favourite for a relaxing weekend

18 April, 2014


We’re heading into the Easter weekend, a weekend typically spent in the countryside, relaxing and spending time with family and friends. And what is a better way to do that, than playing a game? Standing card are launching a new game called Nordiskt Designquiz (in swedish only), to test your friends and yourself on your design knowledge. How much do you really know about Alvar Aalto or Josef Frank, and what is the name of the famous floral pattern from Marimekko?  designquiz2

Spice up your walls!

17 April, 2014


Adding art to your walls is a simple way to create a personal touch or a brand new feel to your room. Select posters with a similar style our colour scheme and use frames with one colour to create a calm mood. At Nordic Design Collective you can choose from hundreds of posters from talented Scandinavian designers.

On the picture above: Swan ladySanna Wieslander, FriendsPuldefranck, FeathersSofie Rolfsdotter, Echo II - Dan Isaac Wallin, Fabrication II - cjohanson foto, ParisCamilla Edfors, Stag beetlePuldefranck, Votives - Camilla Brøyn, DeerPuldefranck, Världsmästarcykeln screenprint mint & lilac - jollygoodfellow, Caroline blackSofie Rolfsdotter, Dragonfly - Edit & björnen, Shanghai cushion cover -ELCE Stockholm, StickatKerstin:Design


Världsmästarcykeln screenprint mint & lilac jollygoodfellowCaroline black - Sofie Rolfsdotter


Dragonfly Edit & björnenDeer - PuldefranckFriends - PuldefranckEcho II Dan Isaac WallinFabrication II cjohanson fotoParis - Camilla EdforsStag beetle - PuldefranckVotives Camilla Brøyn

Early bird art breakfast with jollygoodfellow

16 April, 2014


On good friday and easter eve jollygoodfellow opens their studio for an early bird art breakfast! Join them for some food, an easter exhibitions created by their children and of course beautiful screenprints. There will also be a guest artist, the illustrator Lejonlinn.


Good friday 18/4, 8-12.00 AM
Easter eve 19/4, 8-12.00 AM

Borggatan 14

Read more about the event at Facebook.

Presenting: Maro Design


Behind the brand Maro Design is Malin Ronder. Malin creates silver jewelry and one of her characteristics are personalized charms with stamped letters or coordinates. She also sews colorful and happy hats for both children and adults. 



Tell us about your background!
I have always loved working with my hands, create, to be creative. Since childhood I’ve been crafting and made things, from concept to finished product. I have taken courses in silversmithing, glass / ceramics and textiles / fashion. I studied an aesthetic line in high school with the direction art and shape. Silversmithing and jewelry production came about when I had children and wanted to wear jewelry with my children’s names. The range at that time was not so great and I thought “how hard can it be?”. Shortly thereafter, I took my first course in silversmithing and then it was not long until the company maro design was born. Silver is a material that it’s impossible to get bored at, and a material with eternal life! I love the uniqueness and “imperfect” that often is created through the craft and I have a great love for the raw material. I live in the archipelago of Stockholm with my husband and two children. This is also where I’ve grown up near the sea and the nature.

Where do you find your inspiration?
My inspiration is my daily life and surroundings. Every day I scan the environment, people, places and events and then I create. New ideas are popping up and is resulting in either a piece of jewelry, a painting or any other form of craft. My children are also a big part of my inspiration, we often have something new going on and our creative veins can sometimes bubble over. We have a hobby room/workshop where one can do what they like as paint, sew, bead, forge, cut, paste, build. The room is always full of new small projects.

Do you have any dream projects?
My dream is to always be able to work with crafts, to have my own little “open shop” where I can have a store and studio in one. The customer can be able to follow the progress and be involved in the creation. We are all different – but equally unique.

Welcome Malin! Find all of her products at Nordic Design Collective

In the press: Elle Decoration, Allt i hemmet and more

14 April, 2014


We’ve had a lot of attention in the press this week! In Elle Decoration we saw a beautiful butterfly necklace from JohannaN, Nadja Wedin Design’s tray Bugs, Non Fiction with one book shelf and a wallpaper by Edit&björnen.


In Expressen Söndag we saw the neklace PiiSuaKoo from JohannaN on the cover! And in the magazine the beautiful yellow Magnolia cushion by Lisa Edoff Design.


Sköna hem noticed the amazing necklace Virrvarr by Sägen!


Allt i hemmet had amazing photoshoots with Camilla Edfors  poster Skyltdocka no2,  Dan Isaac Wallin’s  photography Haväng and cjohanson foto’s photo Edifice I


And last but not least, the blog Young Swedish Design talked about Eva Levin’s beautiful vases Consilium!


And Nordic Design Collective also got a notice in Villaägaren!



Presenting: Sofie Johansson


We first met Sofie Johansson at Formex a couple of months ago. She was showing her collection Vitality for the first time, and has already gotten a lot of attention and appreciation of her fantastic patterns. We are so happy to be working with Sofie, and caught up with her to hear more about the story behind the patterns.



Tell us about your background!
I used to work with IT but after my third child was born I decided to work with art. So I studied art in Linköping and finally got a Master’s degree in Art Production.

Where do you find your inspiration?
Nature is my greatest source of inspiration. I like the thought of discovering the beautiful in the small details. As I leave my house I immediately find fascinating things to capture with my camera. Could be the scales of a pine cone arranged in interesting rows or a little blue anemone just come into bloom. It’s so amazingly beautiful! When designing my patterns I want to give form to the feeling I got when I took that very picture with my camera. More sources of inspiration for me are Swedish folk art, our traditions and older types of colouring. Often these impressions are interwoven when I create my patterns. For example, a sketch of plants in the wood I can choose to colour in the style of mural paintings from the rustic period of peasant society. By using both new and old techniques and sometimes twist and turn things a little I want to create something new and authentic. I often strive for balance, so that some patterns express energy and growing, others calm and harmony. Or both.

Do you have any dream projects?
I don’t think I have one specific dream project. I am interested in all kind of design projects where I get to work with interesting and creative people! When it comes to my pattern designs it would be interesting in the future to apply them on other materials and products than the ones I have already tried. Especially interesting would be: porcelain, wallpaper and carpets.

Welcome Sofie! Find all of her products at Nordic Design Collective

Friday favourite from Majali

11 April, 2014

frukaninYesterday, Maja from Majali Design & Illustration came to visit us at the office. She is so talented and a very lovely person, and it is always such a pleasure to meet her. We’ve been working together for years, and I continue to be amazed by her fantastic fairytale-like images. And since we’re approaching Easter, what is better than to pick Mrs Rabbit to be my favourite of the week?


Roadtrip to Norrköping!

10 April, 2014


Yesterday we took a roadtrip to Norrköping. Well not really, we did take the train but anyway… We started early in the morning and got picked up at the train station in a very grey and rainy Norrköping by Erika Tubbin. We started the day in her amazing office/showroom with a chat, a nice cup of tea, fruit salad and some delicious cheese. A great start of the day! Erika started making jewelries and now she has a grand collection of trays, kitchen towels, dishcloths, scarves and art prints with her pattern Trassel.


For lunch we met up with Karin and Johanna the persons behind the advertising agency and designer duo Edit & björnen. We ate at a place with not only great food but also a cool design and beautiful floor tiles! After lunch we got a short guided tour (the rain was pouring…) amongst beautiful buildings that once were textile factories and where they now have their office. Edit & björnen is known for Peculiar Nature, their collection with prints.





In the afternoon Erika Tubbin and Sofie Johansson joined us at Edit & björnen’s place and we had a donuts, coffee and interesting conversations. Sofie has released her first collection Vitality, an amazing textile that’s sold by the metres and as cushions. You can se more pictures of her work in the first issue of Nordic Living.


We had a great day! Thank you Erika, Karin, Johanna and Sofie for showing us more of your work and Norrköping!