Presenting: Sabina Wroblewski Gustrin

6 March, 2015


We are happy to welcome Sabina Wroblewski Gustrin to our crowd at Nordic Design Collective. With a mix of scandinavian style and Polish traditional patterns, she has created a beautiful collection of products. Read her story below!


Tell us about your background!
I was brought up on Lidingö, an island in the inner archipelago of Stockholm, and I am trained as a graphic designer and illustrator at Konstfack (University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, MFA, Masters degree), where I’ve also been guest teaching in graphical design.

Alongside my studies at Konstfack I studied art and photography at the Academy of Arts in Gdansk in Poland. I’ve always been drawing and loved having several different projects at the same time.

After my studies, I started working as an Art Director in several international web- and advertising agencies. I really liked it there and developed professionally both as an creative but also in the operative. After 10 years as an Art Director I started to long for the more “hands on” design and illustration again. I decided to start my own business and combine doing fun customer projects with my own design projects. My great interest and passion for pattern design and paper got me to develop my own collection of paper- and interior design products that was launched at Formex in January 2015.

What inspires you to create?
It might sound a bit abstract, but my strongest inspiration comes from myself. I have so many pictures within me that I have a strong need to visualize on paper or digital.

I’m also always coming back to crafts like embroidery, paper art, book binding and letter press for inspiration. To get inspiration for new projects I sometimes need to look away from my own creativity and like to look at the work of artists like Louise Bourgeois, Viola Gråsten, Frida Kahlo, Karin Mamma Andersson, William Morris and Stig Lindberg. Travel, litterature, going to the book store, museums, auction houses, and galleries are where I turn to when I need to find new inspiration for my new creative projects.

Do you have a dream project?
I’ve been drawing, collecting stationary, notebooks and erasers since I was about 7 years old, and I’ve always dreamed about creating my own paper products. So in that sense you could say that “I’m living my dream”. But if I get to dream on… It would be great to develop my collections to see them grow, develop new design brands, design wall paper, illustrate childrens books and exhibit at the National Stationery Show in New York!

Check out the collection from Sabina in the store at Nordic Design Collective.

Friday favourite in trendy blue

hexagon örhängenFriday again – oh how the day flies by! Partly due to a bit of stomach illness, which caused me to be more or less passed out all day yesterday. But I’m better today, so we’ll just consider that all in the past now…

These earrings are new in from och form, and I just love them! They are available in more colours, but the blue ones are just spot on several big trends at the moment: blue, hexagons and brass!

Have a great weekend!

Presenting: Ove Rahm

4 March, 2015


Photo art is really a growing trend at the moment, and I’m so happy to be welcoming another talented photographer to Nordic Design Collective! Let’s meet Ove Rahm:


Tell us about your background!
I’ve been doing photography since my teen years. Back then it was very much for fun and for the novelty of it, and when I became a father other things became more important and I mostly photographed my family. When my kids got a bit older and I got my digital equipment, I began to do more photography again. The digital darkroom suited me better than the analog, and it has helped me progress. I have a great interest in the technical details, and for a long time I was very focused on technology and equipment, but about 5 years ago something changed. Now I see technology more as a mean to get to the goal. Now it is more about the image, and it is very exciting and intriguing to communicate with pictures. Most of my free time is spent with photography and pictures, and I also enjoy music, litterature and art in general.

Where do you find your inspiration?
Mostly in music and literature. I read a lot of books and comics from the age of about 7 and to my teens and I notice that it still influences me. It usually takes quite a long time before something I read is emerging in my pictures, but I notice that there are connections between some of the literature I read and the photography I enjoy to create and consume.
Music is also a great inspiration, especially to set the mood. It is like painting a landscape of moods. I’ve always listened to a lot of music, but the lack of music can also be important.
I’m also very inspired by other creative people, no matter what their form of expression.

Do you have a dreamproject?
Yes, I would like to spend a long time, like a year or so, with my camera in a new city. Any time of day or night, all over the city – not just in a part of it – and with time to get to know people.

Check out the collection from Ove Rahm in our store

I’m in Morocco for a month!

3 March, 2015

For those of you who’s following us on Instagram, I posted a teaser on Saturday:


Yes, I’m out travelling! And now we’ve arrived to Morocco, where we will be spending the next 4 weeks! We are superexcited and thrilled about this opportunity, because this is not all vacation, sun and surf. There is a lot of sun, and there might be some surf, but there will also be a lot of work.

The reason for the trip is that I was invited to spend a month in a startup programme in The Blue HouseThe house is located in Taghazout, just north of Agadir in Morocco, and during this month 4 different startup companies from different parts of the world will live in the same house, focusing on developing their companies.There will be mentoring, networking and other great things, but most importantly a change of scenery and new people that will bring a new perspective on life and business. 


This is the view from our bedroom. It is a bit of fog today, but still about 20-25 degrees outside. Just lovely!


By the deskarea, there is a balcony. And yes – that’s the Atlantic ocean!


And on the rooftop there is a lounge area – perfect setting to consider new strategies, don’t you think?! ;-)


During our time here, we (me and my husband who’s joining me in the company for a while) will work on several exciting projects to develop Nordic Design Collective to become an even greater place to find new and exciting design products from all the amazing designers we are working with. The daily work will be business as usual, and you can always reach us at if you need help or have questions regarding your order.

Presenting: Evertopia


The next designer I want to introduce you to is the very talented carpenter Simon. Using the brand Evertopia, he is creating the most amazing iPad covers in wood with a great feeling. When I first saw them, I just couldn’t keep my hands of the smooth surface and beautiful details.


Tell us about your background!
I have a bachelor’s degree in furniture studies from Mid Sweden University and Träakademien (“The wood academy”) in Kramfors, which is kind of in the middle of nowhere, about 500 kilometers north of Stockholm. It was great though, it was really easy to find focus and energy for every project and the surroundings are amazing, with Skuleskogen National Park just one hour away.

After that I’ve worked both as a boat builder and window carpenter, but mostly I’ve been working with my own designs, which is what I love to do.

What inspires you to create?
A lot of things. Everything and everyone that surrounds me. Especially other craftsmen/women and designers that I know and admire, former classmates and so on. Wood in all its diversity is pretty inspiring in its own right. It’s a fascinating, living material and there’s always something new to learn from it. Architecture is important too, on a more conscious level. Most of all the pioneer work of functionalism and modernism. That’s close to an endless source of inspiration with constructions like Wainwright Building, Fallingwater and Barcelona Pavilion. All with an incredible attention to detail and synchronization between design and craft.

Do you have a dreamproject?
It would be pretty awesome to work with people from all necessary professions and create some sort of concept home, from start to finish. Perhaps at some crazy location where the environment poses a certain challenge. Like a house that can’t be wider than two meters, or something like that. Exteriors and interiors, furniture, textiles and so on. That’s got to be really interesting, trying to process a lot of perspectives, different craft and design approaches, into one consistent, working idea.

Check out the collection from Evertopia in our store

Presenting: Opium Jewelry

1 March, 2015


We are so happy to be welcoming more jewellery designers at Nordic Design Collective, and Hanna from Opium Jewelry is one of them. She is creating simple and clean jewelry with a twist and attitude. Read more about her story below.



Tell us about your background!
I come from a family with teachers, artists and architects, so art and expression have always been very present in my life. My dad has always been draggin me to churches and around town in the south of Spain to admire the beauty of the buildings and I was young when learned how to tell different styles appart. I have spent most of my childhood summers in my moms summerhouse just by the ocean at the Swedish west coast so allot of inspiration for me has always been the beauty of the things that I have been surrounded by.

Two years ago I started a night class in silversmithing and I have slowly developed my skills mostly by trying out things my self. At the same time as I have been building up my own mini-studio. In march of 2014 I started to notice that people where getting interested in my pieces so I founded Opium Jewelry which has been my baby ever since.

What inspires you?
Everything from nature, dance and simple shapes. Experiencing things. Sensing things. Holding something in my hand and or smelling it and just the process of having to figure out how to do something you haven’t done before.

Do you have a dream project?
I always want to make jewelry that empower the wearer of the piece and my dream would be to work with a group of people that would make it possible to focus whole heartedly on the design and creation, that would make us able to empower more people with beautiful strong designs made by hand with passion and curiosity.

Do you want to see more of the amazing stuff from Hanna and Opium Jewelry? Check out her collection in our store.

Meet the designer: Camilla Edfors

28 February, 2015


On the countryside outside of Stockholm, we’re on the way to meet with Camilla Edfors. Originally from Örnsköldsvik in the north of Sweden, she moved to Stockholm 25 years ago and is now living in a beautiful house with her family.


The house was built just a few years ago and with Camillas sense of style, it is also a house with lots of personality. Now they are preparing to build a new house, this time with a great space for her studio and office.


Camilla Edfors consider herself both an artist and a designer. “I worked for an advertising agency for 9 years, and studied art for 2 years. For me, art and design are two different things that complement each other.” Camilla tells me more about her process, and that a lot of her works starts in her computer, trying out different ideas. She is very focused on details and can do a lot of small tweaks before she is happy, and she loves working at night when everyone else is asleep.


All around the house, there are beautiful vintage furnitures acting as the storage for all her prints in different sizes.


Her company is steadily growing, and she is developing her work and patterns towards more textile products like cushion covers. This is a hard business, and not too many are lucky enough to be doing this fulltime, but Camilla is one of them and I’m sure that her company will continue to thrive in the coming years.


To see all of Camillas beautiful prints, go check out her profile on Nordic Design Collective.

In the press: Plaza, Piteå-tidningen, Vi i villa and more

27 February, 2015

It is time to do another press round-up, and share a few of our mentions. We’ve been featured in several lists of great online stores recently, which we are always very proud to be!


Above is the list in the magazine Vi i Villa, that featured the Dots orange cushion cover from toodeloo and the Lou Deco Curry Yellow pillow from Aperie, and below is a mobile shot from Leva & Bo, that featured one of our still lifes on a full page in their list of recommended stores!



In the latest issue of Plaza Interiör, we found both the poster Be wild from Matilda Svensson and the wool throw Gradient Grey from Simon Key Bertman.


For Valentines day the local magazine Piteå-tidning featured the Of Love-poster from Anna Grundberg.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 09.16.27

The danish magazine Costume featured Seclusion from Dan Isaac Wallin in a article.


The swedish finals for the Eurovision Song Contest has begun (a 6 week long contest with weekly finals) and last weekend the artist Isa was voted one of the finalists. She also happens to be an ambassador for Langaeble Stockholm, and was seen wearing the Queen Beatrice necklace in several interviews. Congrats to both Isa and Langaeble Stockholm! (screenshot from SVT)


On the cover of the latest issue of Family Living, we spotted the Ballong storage box from Susanna Sivonen, and inside we found an interview with ceramist Camilla Engdahl!

And finally, we were featured in the business magazine in a list of female e-commerce entrepreneurs – so very proud of that!

Friday favourite: personal pillow from I love design


How great is this!? The latest news from I love design are a couple of double-sided pillows – and you can even get them personalized! Love this! I have a hard time picking a favourite of them, but this one is high on the list. You can even get it with your own name! It is described to be for kids rooms – but sometimes I feel like a grownup kid so it would be alright to order anyway, right?


A day in the life of: Camilla Brøyn

25 February, 2015


A few weeks back, we had the pleasure of tagging along ceramist Camilla Brøyn for a day. She took us behind the scenes to her new workshop and showed a few of the steps involved in making her wonderful votives. For more pictures, check out our Instagram. And stay tuned – because tomorrow someone else will be taking you behind the scenes!