A day in the life of Havsglas Sverige

19 November, 2014


Last week we had the joy of following Maria at Havsglas Sverige for a whole day on our Instagram account. Maria lives in Ystad almost as far south in Sweden as it gets. She designs amazing jewelry made by pieces of sea glass that she collects from the beaches. When you look at her jewelry you can’t believe that they are actually made of someone else’s trash. Unfortunately a lot of trash is to be found on our beaches, stuff that really shouldn’t be there if we all took care of our environment. Maria donates part of her profits from Havsglas Sverige to save our seas and to make them cleaner. A beautiful thing to do!

Tomorrow we’ll travel up north in Sweden again to visit Anna Grundberg! She’s an illustrator and artist who creates beautiful pieces mostly by drawing but also by painting and photography. Her poster Kom has been on our top selling list several times this year! Follow us on Instagram to see more of Anna Grundberg!









Presenting: Traceinface


It is time to meet another of our new designers. Traceinface is run by Johanna Börjesson, an artist and illustrator with a great, quirky style. Many are saying that they’re touched by her work, and I do understand why! She has a great, quirky style with lots of personality.



What is your background?
I’m born and raised on the island Hönö, just outside of Gothenburg, where I started to paint and draw from an early age. I have, through out the years, educated myself at different art schools, such as Munka Ljungbys School of arts and the Gothenburg School of Art, where I have had the opportunity to explore different types of artistic expressions. It turned out that drawing became my favorite, and I have explored and developed that skill ever since. Today I live in Gothenburg and run my own little firm called Traceinface which I started back in 2010.

What are your inspirations?
I’ve found out that inspiration is something that you can’t control but something that flows when you start to create. Inspiration comes to me when I see a cool design or illustration take form under my pen when dooling. I also get a lot of inspiration from music, social contacts and meetings with others.

Do you have any dream project?
My dream is to have my own little art shop, where i sell my own illustrations and paintings. But in all fairness, I live my dream in all new assignments, so in that sense all assignments are in fact ‘dream projects’.

Welcome Johanna! Find all of her products at Nordic Design Collective

New issue of our online magazine!

14 November, 2014

I’m so superhappy to be able to bring you our second issue of our online magazine Nordic Living!


This issue, we are of course focusing a lot on Christmas, with an extensive gift guide to help you find the perfect gift for the holidays. NordicLiving-spreads1

But it’s not all about Christmas and gifts. Among other things, we’ve explored the Nordic Noir trend and done our own interpretation of it. NordicLiving-spreads2But I won’t give it all away. Hop on over to our site to get your hands on your very own free copy!

Ps. If you’re already signed up, and got our last issue – check your inbox, it’s already been sent to you.

Are you starting to get a Christmas feeling?

Slowly, the Christmas feeling is starting to grow on me. Stores all around the town are starting to do their Christmas decorations, and I’m kind of looking forward to all the added lighting and glitter…

So for this weeks Friday Favourite, I want to give just a quick glimpse of our Christmas category (which is now open). We have a few ornaments, and I especially like these from Havsglas Sverige. Having spent a lot of time in the archipelago and having relatives that used to be fishermen, they really strike a cord with me.

julkulorAnd as it happens, Havsglas Sverige took over our Instagram account yesterday, to take you behind the scenes. Check it out, it was great to follow her along for a day.


Our store from a bloggers point of view

13 November, 2014


Earlier this week, we had a great visit to our store! Maria from the blog Husligheter came by, and did a styling for us. We gave her free hands, and this is what she put together. I love her mix of products, materials and colours, inspired by the pastel palette of winter and nature materials. Just love it!

The products included are necklace Belle by W+M, poster A walk in the forest by Lina Johansson, card Tidsoptimi by jollygoodfellow, card Alone by Dan Isaac Wallin, cushion Stella by Lina Johansson, necklaces by Havsglas Sverige, bracelet Bon by W+M, baskets in leather and felt by Skandinavious by Louise Vilmar, earrings from Liv Swedish Design, scented candles from Skandinavisk, clutch bag Zaria by Moyi Moyi, vase Consilium by Eva Levin and notebook Triangle Wood by Lucky Me Studioshusligheter-styling-4 husligheter-styling-2+5



A day in the life of Hanna Karlzon

12 November, 2014


Last week we had the joy of following talented designer Hanna Karlzon in a day of her life in Umeå in the northern parts of Sweden. Hanna controlled our Instagram account for one day and we got to follow her behind the scenes. She creates amazing illustration that you can find on posters, cards, tote bags, notebooks, wrapping paper and some even on fabric! We hope that you enjoyed seeing a bit more of Hanna and her life!

On thursday we’ll be traveling from the northern parts of Sweden where Hanna lives to almost as south of Sweden as it gets. It’s time for Havsglas Sverige to hijack our Instagram account. We’ll follow a day in the life of Maria who designs amazing jewelry for Havsglas Sverige. Read more about Maria and her brand in our earlier blog post. Which of our designer would you like to follow a day in the life of?







Tuesday pick: Winter by Hing

11 November, 2014


One thing that is kind of hard to sell online are scented stuff, like these amazing candles by Hing! You really have to put your nose in the jar to enjoy their amazing scents. They are ecological, made of rapeseed wax and scented with etheric oils. My tuesday pick is the scent Winter, with a nice touch of cinnamon and cloves. It’s the perfect smell of winter and also a bit of christmas! The candles have a wooden wick that sparkles when it burns.

If you are in Stockholm, come by our popup store in Nacka Forum and smell these beauties!

Presenting: Sara Björne Clothing & Accessories

9 November, 2014


We just love adding new jewellery to our shop, especially when they are as beautiful as the creations from new designer Sara Björne. Just perfect for everyday use! Welcome to Nordic Design Collective, Sara!sara-bjorne-4


Tell us about your background!
I have always loved to have a creative work and it ended up with me studying fashion design and pattern making.

Where do you find your inspiration?
I like to work with unexpected combinations of materials and I spend a lot of time and feeling in what I create. I find inspiration in everything that’s happening around me, from people, movies, magazines, books ant the internet.

Do you have any dream projects?
My dream project is to one day design my own clothing line.

Welcome Sara Björne! Find all of her products at Nordic Design Collective

Visiting Malmö

7 November, 2014

citystreck-malmöThis weeks Friday Favourite is coming to you from Malmö. I’m here attending an e-commerce conference, and will be meeting a few of the local designers a little later on today. So much fun! I am really looking forward to seeing them, as they are all not only talented, but lovely people as well.

So picking a Friday Favourite this week was really not very difficult, since the poster Citystreck Malmö by Caro-lines is so beautiful (and also available for Stockholm and Gothenburg).