Formex: SB Studio and Edit & björnen

27 August, 2014


Sabina Botin is the designer behind the brand SB Studio, and her work often has a bit of a funny twist to it. One of my favourites from her new line of products (soon to come) as the print “But first let me take a selfie” – so spot on! And since a number of her prints were featured in the main trend exhibition, I guess I’m not alone to think so. formex-sbstudio-1+2

Next, we’re off to visit Edit & Björnen. This is their second year showing at Formex, and just as last time, their exhibition was beautiful and very Instagram-friendly with small installations all over.



Edit & björnen is run by Karin and Johanna (above) and they are so very talented – and with such a great energy. And they are not only doing their own product line, they are also running an advertising agency. Ambitious, nice and talented – that’s what we like!


Their very popular collection Peculiar Nature has been extended so include cuttingboards and more. Love it!

Presenting: The Ultimate Shopping Map

26 August, 2014


The Ultimate Shopping Map is a book and map for every tourist or shopaholic in Stockholm. The book is designed and produced by Maria Öijer. She has scanned all of Stockholm’s stores with Swedish designers and added all the goodies in this book. You find it in both English and Swedish.



Tell us about your background!
I have worked with Business Development in various large and international corporations all my life, and I felt it was time to do some Business Development of my own. I am thoroughly interested and amazed by all the fantastic designers Sweden has today and they are present in all areas; fashion, home decoration and accessories. So I wanted to use my extensive commercial background in Sales, Marketing and Consumer Insights to actually help them reach out to more consumers both internationally and in Sweden. That might sound pretentious but if I can make just a small difference – that is good enough for me. I have now released The Ultimate Shopping Map and there is more to come!

Where do you find your inspiration?
In my case, it is not only about the products or designs, but more about the person or the people behind the product or design. Entrepreneurship fascinates me and the fact that there are brave, passionate individuals who make the choice to not go into the corporate world, and choose the uncertainties and anxieties of starting your own business. So basically I want to help the “little guys”! And I know that even in large corporations, the best and most successful Business Development examples very often originates from an visionary individual in a small company somewhere that is later acquired by a larger company.

But then of course beautiful design in objects and clothing is “quality of life”. I don’t believe in or want to favor mass-consumption but “less-is-more”. Buy the objects that you will love or the clothes you will actually wear – preferably from smaller, individual designers – and that will ultimately contribute to sustainability too.

Do you have any dream projects?
Oh yes, several. First of all I believe there are more cities that could benefit from a The Ultimate Shopping Map. But then I also would like to go into actual retailing and I have another business idea which is a new store concept that would collect Scandinavian fashion designers. But that is for later. First I need to develop and establish The Ultimate Shopping Map into the best tourist guide ever.

Welcome The Ultimate Shopping Map! Find all of her products at Nordic Design Collective

Tuesday pick: Balancing act by Yrva

yrva2 This is Yrva’s latest poster Balancing Act, a cute little mouse balancing on a line of blueberries. It’s almost autumn and in the Swedish forests you can find delicious blueberries this time of the year, so I thought this was an excellent tuesday pick for this week! And if you’re to big to balance on the berries you can always bake a pie!

Formex: Ejvor helps create the perfect party

25 August, 2014


Ejvor is run by Sofie and Madeleine, and they have a lovely collection of products for the little ones. One of their bestsellers are the animal masks seen below, and for this season they’ve added new variants, like butterflies and animals from the savannahformex-ejvor-3 formex-ejvor-4

Another new product for this season are the paper glasses, and I think this will be a smash hit and a bestseller – judging by how many of the visitors tried them on (and yes, even me and Karin couldn’t stay away from trying our favourite models ;). In each pack, you get 6 different glasses, all delivered in plat pack and just for you to punch out and put together. Originally designed for children, but as you can see they work really well for grown ups as well! ejvor-insta

In the press: tv-shows, danish magazines and more


Let’s take a look at a few of our recent clippings from the press. Above, to the left, is a page from danish magazine Mat&Bolig that gives you the best tips on how to update your home office for the fall, and featured the paper baskets from Fyran. Above, to the right, is from Femina Denmark featuring the “Make my day punk” print from Puldefranck.
Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 13.10.04

In Sweden, the gardening show Trädgårdsmåndag featured the beautiful big tray (used as a table) and matching cushion covers from Kajsa Rolfsson.

And finally, we were mentioned in a number of blogs when we released the news about our upcoming popup store. Thank you Trendenser, Husligheter, Young Swedish Design and!

Formex: Smadi and Sofie Johansson

23 August, 2014


Smadi Design, run by Cathy Dillner, presented a new collection at Formex called Nordic light. Inspired by the typical swedish and Nordic nature, Cathy presented beautiful patterns in classical colour. She also had a really lovely exhibition at the fair, and it is alway so great to meet Cathy – she is such a positive lady!

formex-smadi-4+5 formex-smadi-1

Next stop is also focusing on textile and patterns inspired by nature. Sofie Johansson is such a talented textile designer, and is was great to see her beautiful patterns in new colours and variations.


Her new patterns are both in brown shades, and just perfect for this fall! They are not in her store just yet, but I’m really looking forward to when they do. Stay tuned for info!

formex-sofiejohansson-2 formex-sofiejohansson-3

Friday favourite for a darker mood

22 August, 2014

edfors-kudde1This week, it has become very clear that the darker autumn season is soon upon us. After getting used to warm summer temperatures, it has been a lot colder this week. The drop in temperatures certainly brings me in to autumn mood.

At Formex, Camilla Edfors presented a new collection of cushion covers, and they are just lovely! They are a bit more graphical than her usual work, but still with a clear touch of the mood that is so typical for her. Love them! And such a great way to update the livingroom. I know they were very popular at the fair, so hurry to get yours before they run out!



Formex: Sägen, I love design and Wallmark Formstudio

21 August, 2014


Jewellery brand Sägen is run by Elin Sigrén. Her exhibition is inspiring as usual and the pieces created with re-used porcelain with the classic 50′s patterns always draws attention from the visitors at the Formex fair. When we met, she gave us a sneak peak of her new collection “Pastel clouds” that is to be launched in November.

formex-sägen-2The collection Pastel is an extension of her very popular collection based on the Virrvarr pattern. It will be a full collection with lots of beautiful pieces, including this large necklace, with a pastel print or a teak imitation on one side and the white Virrvarr-pattern on the other side. So beautiful!


The very productive Caroline Silfverling, of I love design, was also present at Formex for the first time. She was showing a brand new series of “Fika”-products (unfortunately not available for ordering yet), based on her popular poster.


Another lovely exhibition was the one by Wallmark Formstudio - bright, clean and with a very Nordic feel to it. The wallpaper was wonderful, and the new prints, like Peacock and The forest are already available for order. formex-wallmark-2+3


Presenting: EmmaKisstina Illustration


Say hello to Kristina Hultkrantz, the person behind the brand EmmaKisstina Illustration. She’s an illustrator and artist that creates colorful products inspired by fashion and girly-girl stuff. In her store you can find beautiful silk scarves, makeup bags and silk pocket squares.



Tell us about your background!
Hi I’m Kristina! I grew up with my Swedish parents and little sister Ingrid in Portland, Maine in the United States. I’ve always been a girl’s girl. I was always wearing skirts and dresses, I was a major ballerina and my favorite color has always been pink! I’ve also drawn for as long as I can remember. Being an artist was always something I just knew I wanted to be. So I got a Bachelor of Fine Arts in traditional drawing and painting techniques. It wasn’t until after my 4 year University program that I realised oil painting wasn’t “me”. Nor was living in the States, so I moved to Stockholm and decided to delve into the world of illustration.

Since going back to school wasn’t an option I actually taught myself illustration. I learned digital coloring and drawing techniques with the help of many hours tinkering in Photoshop and Illustrator and many Youtube tutorials. As much as I loved this new digital world, I still wanted to keep some sort of traditional aspect so I decided on a mix of hand drawn ink lines with a little digital color. No more long paint drying times, hooray! Then it was just a matter of coming up with the subjects for my new illustrations. So I started off with the fashion and beauty items I and many other women covet, iconic “it” bags, perfumes and high heels! EmmaKisstina was finally born. I’m not sure why it took so long for me to mix my girly-girl side with my artistic side but I’m so glad that it finally did in 2007. EmmaKisstina is the best thing to ever happen to me. I love creating pretty illustrations for my brand and customers, and being able to live in my favorite city in the world, Stockholm, makes things even better.

Where do you find your inspiration?
Everything and anything! But for the most part other creatives such as my illustrator friends. They constantly inspire me to keep creating new exciting designs, products, and push myself to do projects out of my comfort zone. I also feel lucky enough to have one of the most fun and exciting careers there is (I draw pictures for a living!) so I make sure to relish every minute of it and create as much as I can.

Do you have any dream projects?
There are so many projects I’m dreaming of working on but I’d especially like to collaborate with a fashion design house or an interior design firm. I’d love to create custom textiles for pretty dresses or custom designed textiles and other interior details. Since I work by myself, I think it would be a great experience working with another larger creative business.

Welcome EmmaKisstina Illustration! Find all of her products at Nordic Design Collective

Formex: Nadja Wedin and Lina Johansson

19 August, 2014


Lets continue the tour to our designers at Formex. It is always so very nice to meet with talented Nadja Wedin, and get lost in her amazing and detailed patterns. In the last couple of months, she has been getting quite a lot of attention (including a great collaboration with Hemtex, congratulations on that!).


All of her illustrations are handdrawn, and in her exhibition at Formex we could find these beautiful cutouts all over.

We were also very happy to see that her patterns soon will be available as posters! Stay tuned for an update on when they’re available.


Next stop is with lovely Lina Johansson. She is a multi talented girl, working with posters, fabrics and plastic rugs.


We were very happy to see quite a few new products, including the new rugs in new patterns. These are the prototypes, and will be added as soon as possible, but they sure do look great!

She also presented a couple of brand new posters, and I think we might have a few new bestsellers on our hands here… Check out her profile on Nordic Design Collective to order your favourite before they run out.