Friday favourite for a more neat home

23 January, 2015


At Formex last week, the main theme was Nordic Neat and there was a lot of talk about de-cluttering your home, creating a better order and more neatness. And boy am I into that at the moment! With the closing of the store and moving to Malmö, we are really trying to sell or give away as much as possible of our things.

It has been very interesting to realize how many things you tend to save, even when you don’t love it, need it or even care about. We have so many things at home, just considered “good enough for now” or “why not, it might come in handy some time”, but now we are clearing out all of them and keeping the things we really like and use. It is a lot of hard work, and it takes a lot of energy choosing what to keep, clearing out old book keeping folders and so on. But it is such a relief!

We are trying not to throw that much stuff away, it is such a waste of resources. We’ve been able to sell a lot using Facebook and Blocket (the biggest online “flea market” in Sweden), and we will also give a lot to charity. Hopefully someone else will make better use of them. This really makes for a brand new fresh start when we are moving next week, and I’m so excited and so looking forward to getting settled in Malmö!

One of the things that definitely would be kept if I had it is this felt organizer with leather strings. Perfect to collect all those small things that you always have lying around, like keys, headphones, charger for your phone, spare change…

How do you feel about this? Do you have regular clean outs of your cupboards, wardrobe and office? And do you think it is worthwhile to have fewer things, but instead really making sure you love them?

What do you think of Nordic Design Collective? Take our survey

22 January, 2015


We are always striving to make things better at Nordic Design Collective, both for all of the amazing designers we are working with but also for you as a reader and customer. But we can only guess what you are thinking, and guessing tends to lead you in the wrong direction. So now I’m asking you. What do you think about Nordic Design Collective, what are the good things and what can we improve? Take our survey, it is just a few questions and in the end you will find a 10% discount – as a thank you for helping us getting better!

Formex: Camilla Edfors and Wallmark formstudio


Camilla Edfors was showing a whole set of new cushions at the fair, and I spotted them all over the trend exhibitions. No wonder, since they are just beautiful! Especially the blue Mix. Love it!



Our next stop is with Jenny Wallmark, of Wallmark formstudio. She has extended her line of products with new notebooks (I totally fell in love with the colour and pattern of Klöver) and a set of tea towels designed to match. Beautiful!wallmark-2

Formex: Havsglas Sverige and Johanna.B

21 January, 2015


It’s time to bring you on trip to Formex, to meet a few of our designers. This year, 24 of our designers were represented at the fair in one way or another – a recordbreaking number! I’m so proud to be working with all of them!

There were one of two who got a bit of extra love from the press and bloggers, and one of them was Havsglas Sverige. Everyone just fell in love with this beautiful hanging vase! It was so popular, that it – at the moment at least – is out of stock. But keep your eyes open, and you will soon be able to order it here at Nordic Design Collective again.


The concept of Havsglas Sverige was born when the designer Maria Meissner Berg was walking on the beach in south of Sweden. “I  love to think about sea glass being objects once lost to the sea, smashed and then polished by the waves and the sand for many years and finally being flushed up on the beach again – transformed by the sea”, Maria tells us. And inspired by that, she creates jewellery and other products. I also loved how she brought the beach to her exhibition at Formex, with both sand, water and beautiful views. havsglas-3


johannab-1Another designer new to Formex is Johanna.B. If you’ve been following us for a while, I’m sure you recognize her clover pattern! As mentioned in my earlier post about the trends, her cork pot stands were very popular. Her exhibition also had a very welcoming and retro, nordic feel to it.


Friday favourite – and a bit of news

16 January, 2015


It is time for another Friday Favourite, and today I want to take the chance to reveal a bit of news. As it happens, I’m not just spending the days packing down our popup store right now. I’m also packing our house, since me and my husband are going to move from Stockholm to Malmö! We are superexcited and are really looking forward to getting to know a new town.

This also means that the office of Nordic Design Collective will be moving to Malmö. Sounds like a big change, but in reality it won’t be. I will continue just as today, with bringing you great designers and their amazing products. I already have a lot of ideas and plans for the future, and who knows what opportunities and new ideas will come knocking on the door in Malmö? As always, magic is something you make and I promise you to continue to bring you magic in the form of new design and passionate designers!

Kicking off the new year at Formex

15 January, 2015


Yesterday the Formex fair opened the door, and being the biggest design- and trendfair in the Nordics it is always very exciting to visit the exhibitions. As usual, my main focus is to visit all of our designers that are exhibiting and this year we broke the record! I counted to 24 of our designers represented at the fair in some way!!! I am so impressed by the passion, time and money they invest in their businesses – and very proud to be working with all of them.

At center stage (or in the main entrance hall to be more precise) is the big trend exhibition, interpreting the major trends defined by the fair. This year, it was created by Saša Antić and Niklas Hansen. As usual there are four different trends at display, each filled with products from the exhibiting companys. And guess just how impressed and happy I was to find products from our designers in all four trends? Yes – very very proud!


The first trend is called Nordic Neat, and is about creating order, lines, geometric shapes and a colours like turqouise, blue, red, coral and pinks. To the top left, there are three new (and beautiful!) cushions by Camilla Edfors, and to the top right is the cushions Lily from Lina Johansson.

formex-3 Further down in the same exhibitions we spotted cutting boards from Camilla Engdahl, the new plastic rug Kontra by Lina Johansson and lovely wool throws from Simon Key Bertman.

And on a podium next to that, the whole family of pots from Camilla Engdahl was on display.


The next trend was called Nordic Essence, and was all about material – both natural materials and new bio-based materials. Lots of wood, leather, concrete and new and exciting materials.

formex-1 formex-2

Cork was mentioned a lot in the trend lectures, and in the center of the exhibition was the new cork coasters by Johanna.B.


Nordic Motion is a lot about strong colours, creativity and humour. It also contains a lot of references to sports in different ways. And on the wall we spotted the beautiful silk scarfs by Lisa Edoff Design.


I also spotted the very beautiful cushions by Studio Maria Bergström (under her new brand By May, launched at Formex together with her creative partner Johanna Örn).


The final trend is called Nordic Folk. We are seeing a lot of designers going back to the traditions of folklore for inspiration. When mixing that with new expressions and materials, really exciting thing can emerge.


The lovely round boxes is from our very new designer Lilys Island, who launched their brand at Formex! I’ve seen the rest of the collection and I promise that you will love the rest of it as well (it will be available in our store soon).

So, to sum it all up. What did I think of the trend exhibition? To tell you the truth, I didn’t like it. For me, it felt messy and it felt like four separate exhibitions with no connection to each other. I am glad that Formex brought in new stylists for the exhibition, but sorry – this didn’t do it for me. But of course I’m happy that new and smaller brands got so much of the space and attention, and I think this might be the biggest overall trend that I’m bringing from this years edition of Formex.

Unfortunately, I just had time to spend one (but very long) day at the fair this time, but I took lots of pictures from the visits at our designers exhibitions, so more will follow in the coming weeks!

The end of an era

13 January, 2015

Another big milestone has passed for Nordic Design Collective – our popup store is now closed. It sounds very dramatic, but in reality it isn’t. The plan was always to close it in January, and last Sunday was our last day open.


So the last couple of days, we’ve spent counting, packing and sending back all the remaining products from the designers. That’s a lot of boxes. And bubble wrap.


And our beautiful, big poster wall – oh how I’m going to miss that! These frames, stacked against the wall, is all that is left now.

It has been a intense couple of months. It is really difficult to imagine the amount of hours that are put in to a project like this, and as in any project it is always more than you think before you start. But it has been a lot of fun as well, and the best thing has been to meet all of the people visiting our store, to be able to talk about our fantastic designers and listen to how much everyone liked the store and the products! Thank you to all of you who came to visit!

Now we are more or less all packed together, and is heading to the Formex fair tomorrow. This time around, 21 of our designers are represented at the fair – that must be a record of some sorts! Either way, I am so proud of all of them, and am really looking forward to see all of their new product launches. To follow us during tomorrow, make sure to follow us on Instagram (and stay tuned for more reports in the blog in the coming days).

A look at 2014

3 January, 2015

When looking back at the year that has passed, I realized A LOT has happened! So instead of writing a long (and probably a bit boring) essay about 2014, I shortened it to a list of numbers instead.

I always find these kind of summaries a good exercise to do. It is so easy to think that not that much happened during a year. You tend to forget quite a lot. But by putting it all together you get reminded on everything that has happened. For me, I’m getting a bit overwhelmed looking at the numbers below. Especially the part concerning our designers. Can you believe that I’m so lucky to be working with over 137 such amazingly talented designers, helping them building their business? Supporting them in sending over 12 000 items to 33 countries!? The total value of those products are over 3.5 million SEK, which means that the work of Nordic Design Collective is bringing millions in to the designer community – this year alone! It is such an honour to be part of this. Thank you all who have bought products from our designers! And thank you designers for believing in me and trusting me with you business!

Nordic Design Collective 2014 in numbers

Items sold: 12 034 products

Number of products in stock: 4 636 (available for order as of today)

Top 5 best selling products: Poster Balance by Lina Johansson, Consilium vase by Eva Levin, Poster Kom by Anna Grundberg, Nordic Design Collective calendarKids calendar and Kids calendar by Månster Design.


Top 5 best selling designers: Lina Johansson, Camilla Edfors, Sofie Rolfsdotter, Dan Isaac Wallin and jollygoodfellow


New designers: 65 (from Sweden, Finland and Denmark). Now we are a total of 137!

Visits to our online store: 449 321

Pressmentions: I’ve counted to 24 blogposts with 137 different pressmentions – including blogs, magazines, podcasts and tv-shows!

Published issues of our own (and new) magazine: 2!


Countries shipped to: 33!

Fairs visited: 3 (2 editions of Formex as visitors and Hem & Villa as an exhibitor)

Prices won: 1 (one of Swedens Top 10 e-commerce sites).

Office moved out from: 1

Popup stores: 5 (Nacka Forum, Hem & Villa and three different spring markets)

Roadtrips to visit our designers: 2 (Norrköping and Malmö)

Number of blogposts published: 320

People I’ve worked with (in our store or in the office): 8 (Jenny, Karin, Sandra, Johanna, Isabelle, Maria, Mia and Kristina)

Maria RichardssonAs you can tell, it has been a great year! Thank you all for making it happen – you are all a very big part of Nordic Design Collective!!!

Maria – the very proud founder of Nordic Design Collective

Friday favourite for a thoughtful time of year

2 January, 2015


Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful New Years eve, and are now ready to hit 2015! For me, this time of year is very much about trying to get a grip on what happened during the year that passed and setting new goals for the year to come. And what better tool to do so, than a blank notebook? Just to fill with new ideas, plans and goals! I love this picture of the Virka notebook from Fyran, the pearls sort of reminds me of fireworks…

We are most certainly having a very exciting year ahead of us, but before that it is time to a summary of 2014. Check out the blog tomorrow for our year in numbers.


To start the new year on a blank note

1 January, 2015

Happy new year! How are you feeling today? Not too tired after last night I hope? I love New Year celebrations! Not only is everything just a little bit more glamorous, but it marks a new beginning. For me, this time of the year is filled with time for reflection, planning and setting new goals. What could be better than to start on a blank note and with an empty calendar?


From top left: Recipe calendar in colour by Tovelisa, Calendar by Edit & björnen, Live like-calendar by och form, urbn Cube Calendar by jollygoodfellow.



And of course I have to remind you about our own calendar. The picture above is for October and by cjohanson foto, and beside it is the bracelet Brace 3 by W+M, Classic wallet by Udonly, notebooks by jollygoodfellow and Lucky me studios.

More calendars can be found in our store.