Love your hands


During cold days, it is of extra importance to take good care of your hands and keep them warm. Treat yourself to a lovely hand cream, a new colour nail polish and then top it all off with a couple of new rings. 

From image above: Silverrings by Maro Design, Precious Pebbles rings by Jenny Kåberg  Metalldesign. 


We have plenty of nice and unique jewellery for you to choose from. Don’t be afraid to mix them up and to wear them together. Sometimes, less is more and other times more is better ;)

From top left: Datni bracelet by Sara Björne Accessories, Vit Eld bracelet by Sägen, Romb bracelet by Saga Melina, Little Ball ring by Lilooks,  Mouj Ring by Pargo Jewelry, Silverrings by Maro design.