Meet the designer: Details by M


Maria Bäckström, the photographer behind brand Details by M, is business-minded, creative and competitive, always striving towards perfection and new goals. Her beautiful floral photos is the essence of the Nordic spirit and a perfect way to bring nature to ones home.


She grew up in Sandviken, in the middle of Sweden, and her love for animals has always been an important part of her life. “As a kid, I always had a lot of pets and loved spending time with horses. Now, I have my dog Kompis, and he is such an important part of my life” she tells us, while showing us the tricks he can do.

Her path to running a design business has not been a straight one. “I took an IT course and worked for a consultant company for a while, and then studied economics to become a real estate agent. It turned out that was not really my thing, but the classes in economics and marketing has been really useful” she says.


Growing up, her father had his own business and she was very sure that she would never have her own company. “No, that was just about the only thing I was sure of. I would never start my own business! But here I am, with my own part-time design business. And since my father passed away a few months ago, I’m also taking on the role as CEO of his company. It is a very different business, in metal engineering with 14 employees. It is a big change for me but I love challenges and has already learned so much”.

Her creative career came about much at a chance a few years ago. “I had just bought a camera and fell in love with a photography. To give myself a proper goal and a deadline, I decided to have my own exhibition and invited my friends to the opening two months later. So I just had to create a collection of photos to show them” she says smiling. It turned out to be a good strategy, as she now has her own business based on it. The collection consists of about 60 different motifs, and she is adding new ones continuously. The posters are being sold all over the world, and one of her biggest retailers is located in South Korea. “I think everyone just love to bring nature into their homes, it brings harmony and balance”.


A lot of the plants and items for her collections are usually found when she is out walking her dog Kompis. “If I bring my camera, the walk will take forever. I stop all the time, finding new motifs and things to photograph. My friends have stopped joining me for those walks” she says laughing. Usually she brings the things she find to her home instead, where she sets up the studio to create the atmosphere she likes in her photos. “I can spend hours doing this, keep adjusting small details to get the perfect shot. I’m afraid I am a bit of a perfectionist”.


At the moment, all focus is on her photos but she also has ideas for other kind of products. “I like to keep my home clean and in harmony, and I want to create more products to support that. But it is not at easy as one could think, I recently took a course in product development and it really opened my eyes to the complexity in choosing the kind of materials to work with, the design process, packaging and everything else that you need to master. But I’ll get there, somehow, maybe in collaboration with someone – time will tell”.


As we leave Marias home and studio in Stockholm, it is very clear that the business part is as important to her as the creative part. That makes me convinced that we have a very exciting journey to follow!