Presenting: Anna Larsson Design


Anna Larsson have been in the creative business for a long time, working with book design, corporate identities and even designed a bestselling poster at Ikea. A few years ago she started production of her own collection, very graphical and stylish. Read more about her background below.


5 questions for Anna Larsson

Tell us about your background!
I am a graphic designer living in Gothenburg and educated at Högskolan för Design och Konsthantverk, MFA in Graphic Design. Since I finished my studies, twenty years ago, I have been working as a freelancer in my own company. Mainly I am working with book design, posters and corporate identities. In 2012 I started a web shop with my own brand and products.

What´s the story behind your brand?
The first product I made, with myself as a client, was the Alphabet poster – a design born out of my interest in typography. (The poster was also sold at the IKEA stores for a number of years.) In addition to my work with book design and typography I have always been fond of patterns and pattern design, so I must say it was a bit of a dream to start producing my own patterns. I think that all of my designs and my products are characterized by a strong graphic expression coming from my experience as a graphic designer.

What inspires you to create?
To work inspires me! When I have plenty of time just continuing working with a pattern or an illustration, or just ”diving into” some typography, the inspiration comes. Work creates inspiration. To walk in the nature or in the city, looking at colours, shapes, architecture – inspires me too as well as beautiful books. And besides that, I really admire the traditional Japanese culture and aesthetics.

What made you decide to start your own company, and what do you like most about it?
I have always been working in my own company as graphic designer, but it was the longing of making my own prints and patterns that pushed me to start my own brand. It´s a pleasure to have on one hand the assignments as I have as graphic designer, and on the other hand the freedom to create just what I want and just with myself as client. I have the possibility to work in my own tempo when designing and developing my own products and brand – that´s one of the parts I appreciate a lot. And then it´s such a joy when the customers like my designs and want it in their homes.

What are your plans and dreams for the future?
My plans for the future are to make more time for my brand – it would be awesome to manage to split the time equally between graphic design assignments and designing my own products. I like how these two parts of my work brings energy to each other. I hope to find more retailers and new exciting collaborations – I am looking forward to see what the future has to give!


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