PRESENTING: Camilla Mustikka


Based in Kiruna in the very north of Sweden, Camilla Mustikka finds inspiration for her jewellery in the Arctic untouched nature. Her passion for gold smithing and for creating something long lasting has led to her having her own shop where she creates designs that brings nature to precious metals. Read her inspirational story below.


Tell us about your background!
My name is Camilla Mustikka, I am 30 years old and I live in the northern of Sweden above the Arctic Circle in a city called Kiruna. I’ve always been creative, trying out different things to fill the need to put my creativity onto paper or in graphics, drawing doodles, clothing and floral patterns since I were little. About 9 years ago I tried out a another way for being creative, I started making all kinds of jewelry with glass pearls in lots of colors. My co-workers where I was working at that time thought they were really beautiful so I started selling my jewelry to them, at market places and to friends and relatives. I loved the whole thing, from making the jewelry to meeting people so I started looking for different educations in the jewelry area and the dream of becoming a goldsmith came to life. It wasn’t until the recession in 2009 that I applied for a 2 year educational programme that gave me basic knowledge of both gemology and metal smithing. After that I continued as a goldsmiths apprentice for 3 years until I graduated in 2014. During my second school year in 2010 I started my company and ran it parallel to my education, it was a tough time learning to run a company on my own and at the same time studying full time. But it isn’t something I regret because at the time I graduated I had a full set of tools and machines for my workshop and a good ground of customers. So in the fall of 2015 I started my own store in the town of Kiruna with a connecting workshop where all of my jewelry is handmade.

 What’s the story behind your products or brand?
I want to give the genuine feeling of what the beautiful Arctic nature has to offer and what is exotic about living above the Arctic Circle. The flowers, stones and views from where I live come alive in my jewelry that are traditionally made with a modern timeless design and touch.

 What inspires you to create?
My own drive and longing for making something beautiful and long lasting for others to enjoy and be happy about is my most precious inspiration to create. My designs are inspired from the beautiful and still untouched nature we have up here in the North, making designs that brings this nature into precious metal jewelry is so rewarding!

What made you decide to start your own company, and what do you like most about it?
My uncles have been company owners for as long as I can remember together with my father who sold his share when I was 4 years old, and I always liked the idea of owning and making my own business as a child. I like the variety of making my own business thrive and the freedom to control my own time and what I am choose to concentrate on.

 What are your plans and dreams for the future?
My plans for the nearby future are an expansion, I want to widen the range and I would love to start selling my jewelry to Finland and other countries. Finland is first on the map because my last name means blueberry in Finnish so it feels natural turning to our neighbours first! ;)


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