Presenting: Fanny Oldenburg Photo and Design


Maybe it is her background from movies and television that sparked her interest in capturing dance and moves into still pictures. One of her projects ended up at the Fotografiska museum in Stockholm! Read more about it below.


5 questions for Fanny Oldenburg

Tell us about your background!
I use to work as a freelancing tv and film worker at the Swedish Television and also within feature films. Mainly with scenography and props. After about ten years I decided to pursue my dream of working with my own creations and still photos.

I am educated at Nordic school of photography, a 3 year education. Previous to that I studied at Stockholm art school.

At Nordic school of photography I studied photojournalism and I worked as a press photographer for a few years after I finished my education, but felt drawn to working with stagework. I love to take pictures of dance and also be able to take fictional pictures in the world of movies. A lot of times I had the opportunity to work freely, which resulted in new assignments. Like for example to take closeup pictures of the dancers at Cullbergbaletten and create landscapes of their bodies. I also had to make the pictures harmonise with the music of Kammarensemblen. It turned out to be a fantastic show with dance, music and pictures showed at Fotografiska in Stockholm.

What’s the story behind your brand?
Today I mostly work with art photo and cooperate with decorators and interior designers.
I also get orders from individuals who wants something new for their home.
I make patterns and photoprints on textiles, wallpaper and posters.

What inspires you to create?
Inspiration for my pictures I find in the beautiful world of dancing. The sea and nature is other elements of great inspiration. I really love being a photographer and work with art. It is challenging my senses in more than one ways.

What made you decide to start your own company, and what do you like most about it?
To have my own company means many things. One is that I have the freedom to explore and go deeper into different projects. Another is that I like the creative freedom and the flexibility you have when you have your own business.

What are your plans and dreams for the future?
My dream for the future is that new assignments will keep on coming and give me new challenges.


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