Presenting: Glimbling


Like so many small businesses, the starting point for Glimbling was a problem that needed to be solved in a stylish way. The result are these beautiful reflectors, easy to add to your outfit. Read more about the background below.


5 questions for Glimbling

Tell us about your background!
Ever since my childhood I have had a creative spirit. I love art and design, music and dance, nature and wilderness. A long side with my studies at school I have expressed this spirit by taking ballet lessons, art classes, piano lessons, going horseback riding and painting throughout the school holidays.

I earned my Bachelor of Science degree from KTH Royal Institute of Technology and have been working as a developer and IT-consultant, first in telecommunications sector and now in finance. I combine my daily work at the bank with working part time with my own and recently started design company.

What’s the story behind your brand?
I started my journey as a designer when I realized the need and a lack of a stylish and smart way of carrying reflectors. There have been many choices of various sorts of colorful, jolly, pretty and funny reflectors. But it was not easy to find smart or dressy reflectors that you were able to match with your outfits when going from your work to restaurants, theaters, movies or a night out. With this in mind, the idea of creating elegant, stylish and smart reflectors was born.

During the winter of 2015 and early spring 2016 I finally was able to launch my first collection of designed reflectors in genuine leather of outstanding quality.

What inspires you to create?
I like to be inspired from what is around me: nature, family, city life. Life itself is a source of true inspiration! I love the process of trying out variuos materials to find the optimal match between design and functionality.

What made you decide to start your own company, and what do you like most about it?
I truly felt that with my designs I had a great, original product to offer and this was something that I myself had been searching for: designed reflectors made in the most exquisite materials. I just love the hours spent in the design process. Starting up my own design business has taught me so much in so many ways and I am so greatful for all new contacts and aquaintances I have made along the way.

What are your plans and dreams for the future?
I have so many ideas of further developments and new designs of stylish reflectors, I really want to continue with the design process. My hope for the near future is that my brand grows bigger and that “the word gets spread” – finally you can dress up with beautiful, designed reflectors!


Shop the collection from Glimbling at Nordic Design Collective.