Presenting: Lykalia K


With a strong passion for wood and craftsmanship, Lykalia K creates home decor items to last a life time and more. Read more about her passion below.


5 questions for Lykalia K

Tell us about your background!
I’ve been trying a lot of things throughout my life, and now I’ve really found my calling. I started my career as a nurse and have through the years worked within medical care, computer support, as a florist and as a receptionist before I decided to study at the University of Linköping. The first year, I studied Cultural Sciences and the plan was to focus on art. But every day I passed the workshops for Crafts and Design and I just felt that I needed to develop my creative side so I decided to change program the following year. Three years later I graduated. The training gave me both practical and theoretical knowledge to work within design.

What’s the story behind your brand?
Lykalia K developed during my studies. At university, I began to work in wood and one of my big goals was to find my own voice and style in the material. While working to find my own voice, the idea to start my own company in order to produce my products began to grow. The idea is to have my products suitable to combine with other home decor items, and even though trends varies from season to season, my products should stand the test of time.

What inspires you to create?
Geometry inspire me to build different kind of constructions and shapes. The geometrical shapes are so flexible, you can add them, strech, make three dimensional – the alternatives never ends and they still offer a ground to base your design on. In my design I aim for the spectator to want to come close to the products. The will to touch and examine the products should be there and to build an expectation and a curiosity for the spectator. I’m fascinated by the characteristics of wood, like the twigs and veins, and I use that to create unique products. Others might see that as flaws but I use to create a specific character of my products. Quality and uniqueness are keywords in my creative process. I also focus on oak, birch and alder as they grow in the Nordics. They differ in appearance, which gives my different products different characters depending on which sort of wood I use. The gold plating is another specific sign of my design. I use 23,75 carat leaf gold and enjoy the contrast between the shining gold and the matte surface of the wood. All of this – shape, material and  structure – are all a part of my inspiration.

What made you decide to start your own company, and what do you like most about it?
The driving force for starting my own company is the will to be able to work with the thing I love the most. To be able to make products with my own design, and to find materials and inspiration on my own. To be the boss of my own time and to develop the company in the direction I want to. Even though it is hard a lot of the times, the upsides clearly wins over the down sides. You just really have to never stop believing in yourself.

What are your plans and dreams for the future?
My plan is to continue to develop home decor items and build a bigger range of products. I also would like to reach the rest of the world with my products. It is also important for me to continue to pay tribute to the craftsmanship and ensure its survival. Since I make everything myself, I’m in control of the whole process which gives you a higher quality and better working environment. As a craftsman you have a special knowledge of the details of the materials, which is hard to have as a buyer or if someone else produces your products. The craftsmanship takes a lot of time, but it also means that all products are unique and hand made.


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