Presenting: MOSH Jewelry


Finnish designer MOSH Jewelry has a background as a mathematician, something that clearly still influences her. Read more on her story and other influences in the story below.


3 questions for MOSH Jewelry

Tell us about your background!
I originally graduated from university and began a career in mathematics but after hitting a rough patch I decided to get off the hamster wheel and start again. I found inner peace through my studies in jewelry.

What’s the story behind your brand?
After graduating as an artisan goldsmith in 2014 I worked freelance while developing my design esthetics and craft further. In 2016 I founded MOSH Jewelry.

My background in mathematics undoubtedly influences my designs. I enjoy simple and clean shapes as well as a certain geometry of design.

What inspires you to create?
The most important source of inspiration for me is rock and heavy metal. I want to channel the strength and power I gain through music into my designs.

I work with silver, gold and precious stones. Most fascinated I am with white gold and black diamonds.


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