Presenting: Toril Bækmark


The amazing artist Toril Bækmark from Denmark has created a dreamy and beautiful calendar inspired by the Nordic nature. It is her first product to be featured at Nordic Design Collective, but she is an experienced illustrator with international exhibitions and exciting plans for the future.


5 questions for Toril Bækmark

Tell us about your background!
I am born in Ølstykke just outside Copenhagen Denmark. My mother is a nurse and my father an engineer. But me and my sister loved to draw. And I think I got a lot of attention and credit for it. So when it came to find an education, it was natural to seek the The Danish school of Art and Design.

What’s the story behind your products or brand?
I am an Illustrator, and I work with clients from Denmark and abroad. I achieved a lot of recognition, and this year I am featured in American Illustration 34, which is published nov 2015.

I also enjoy just creating and experimenting beside illustrating, working with the materials watercolor, tush and ink. During that I ended up with a lot of flowers, which form and colors always inspires me. That’s how the Calendar project 12 FLOWERS Calendar 2015… now 2016 started.

What inspires you to create?
My inspiration comes from the lines and shape I see. Like the aesthetics seen in fashion and the botanic that surrounds me.

What made you decide to start your own company, and what do you like most about it?
I have had my own company, since I graduated from The School of Art and Design. I think its just natural for me to work for myself, with the freedom and responsibility you have, even though it can be very tough at times.

What are your plans and dreams for the future?
I search and push myself all the time, trying to develop my creations. Making personal projects takes more and more of my time.

I plan developing more products, more calendars. Working with my images on textile. But I think the hard thing about making products is that you haft to go out and sell it, it takes a lot of my creative time.

I also would like to make much more original artwork and exhibit them. Right now 6 of my watercolor flowers are exhibited just outside Milano, Italy.

Another project/dream is finally making this Graphic novel I have been dreaming about for a long time.

I also do my illustrating commissions, I love getting an assignment and solving it.
So I am quite busy, having a lot to do…


Check out the beautiful calendar from Toril Bækmark in our online shop.