The main trends from Formex


Welcome to Formex! We’ve now spent two long, exhausting and truly inspiring days at Formex, and I wanted to share some of the latest trends from the fair with you. This will be a long post, so grab a cup of coffee. Let’s go!

As usual, lets start with the main exhibitions. The overall theme was “Soft Nordic”, joined by “Wild Wood”, “Dark Fragrance” and “Rustic Junction” (more about the trends in the Formex pressrelease or watch this interview with stylist Jan Rundgren).


“Soft Nordic” feels familiar, we’ve seen pastels and greys for a while now, and it seems to be staying with us for a while longer. Start with a grey base, add some soft and round shapes in pastels and top it off with a sense of the 50-ies, and you’re spot on.

We were of course very happy to see products from a lot of our designers in all exhibitions, but especially in this one. Lina Johansson had several products her plastic rugs and posters (I bet you can spot our bestselling Balance in the middle of the picture)


We saw several cushion covers, including this brand new one from Camilla Edfors (coming soon) and Memo Coral from Lina Johansson.


SB Studio was also well represented in the exhibition, with several of her different posters including these from the marble collection.


The second trend is “Wild Wood”, with lots of raw wood, black-and-white with floral and greens.  Posters from Edit & björnen is seen on the wall and cushions and trays from Nadja Wedin on the shelf.


“Dark fragrance” is a much more colourful trend, with shiny materials and strong colours (and more from Nadja Wedin).


“Rustic junction” is a bit rougher, more industrial and with plenty of blue tones – especially in combination with rusty brown/orange – and a little bit darker than the popular “shabby chic”-trend.


Let’s move along to the next trend exhibition, in the restaurant area. It was based on the same colour scheme (grey with pinks) and with inspiration from New York street life (see an interview with the stylist Synnöve Mork).




jollygoodfellow had several products featured in this exhibition, and I love how she used the bike poster “Världsmästarcykeln XL” separate from each other but still connected (when you see it from the right angle). Their new poster “Go” was also featured (see below).


We’ll keep our Formex reports coming in the days to come, and if you want to read more from Formex I recommend you to click over to Trendenser, TrendStefan,  Hemtrender and Purple Area. I’m sure there will be plenty of more reports published as the days go by (leave a comment with yours if I’ve missed out on it).

Update: more reports to read are now posted at Trendenser, Kurbits, Purple Area, Living by W, and Inredningshjälpen.

I also want to highlight our Formex category in our shop again. It is packed with new releases and hot products from the designers exhibiting at Formex. Well worth a visit!